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Royal Berkshire Country & Equine

As featured on WooCommerce.com as an excellent eCommerce integration

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Roayl Berkshire WooCommerce Website

Royal Berkshire Country & Equestrian sells horse rugs, equestrian clothing, riding hats and riding boots, as well as other top quality equestrian equipment on their WooCommerce website.

The Challenge

Needing a fast, search engine friendly, responsive eCommerce solution, Royal Berkshire Country & Equine challenged us to design and build a WooCommerce solution to launch their brand online. The site needed a good search, intuitive categorisations and filters, and be easy to use for both store managers and customers alike.


The Solution

Using WooCommerce was the obvious choice as there was a need for good indexing on search engines, good categorisation and filtering. We also integrated category banners for promotions, and added Elasticsearch for better search and improved facet filtering.

  • Responsive Web Design and Custom WordPress theme
  • Elasticsearch integration indexing all data for better search and filtering
  • Social media integration
  • Custom banner management for category promotions and sale offers

The site has been promoted by WooCommerce.com for some time now, and is still showing on the homepage as a excellent WooCommerce integration example.

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