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WordPress Website Audits

Make your WordPress website load fast, secure it, improve SEO, and make your users happy.

What are Website Audits?

Website audits take into account all the factors that can influence your website’s success: from your perspective, your customer’s, and Google’s.

There are many reasons why a website isn’t performing as expected, from bad or out of date code, security issues, negative user experience, difficult to update content, slow, not ranking well on Google, poor conversion rates, or accessibility concerns.

So if you have doubt about how well your website is performing, our personalised website audit is the way to find out in detail.

How can a Website Audit help your website?

There’s a lot of benefits with improving your website or web app. There could be the need for legal compliance, ISO certification, improving the UX or SEO, security auditing, or improving content.

Website Security Audits

Security is critical, especially if you handle your customers data.

Improve Pagespeed

Pagespeed is critical when it comes to both SEO and lowering your bounce rates.

Content Audits

Improve your navigation and optimise your content for SEO, UX and accessibility.

Accessibility Compliance

By making your website accessible you improve the UX for all users.

Optimised SEO

Is your website technically optimised for search engines?

UX Enhancements

Are there opportunities to make the User Experience better for your users?

Easier Admin

Remove any administration pain points and make updating  your website a breeze.


Could you save time and money by automating the data flow?

Conversion optimisation

Make your website work harder and bring in more qualified leads.

Specialised audits

Sometimes it’s just part of the site that needs attention, be that the website health, SEO rankings, UX or Accessibility concerns.

Technical Website Health Audit

A technical audit is step one for any website audit because it provides you with information on how the underlying technology is performing – or not performing. The health of a website can affect every other aspect of the site and how people use it, so it comes first.

SEO Audit

Many people consider on-page SEO the fun part of a website audit because it’s the part you truly have the most control over. When it comes to the technology it uses and endorses, an enterprise can take months to make big changes – but on-page SEO can be radically improved in as little as one day.

User Experience Audit

The goal of UX design in business, according to Oxford Journal Interacting With Computers, is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product. So if your website suffers from pain points, a cumbersome UI, or simply doesn’t satisfy your users needs, we can help.

Website Accessibility Audits

An Accessibility Audit is to establish how well a particular environment performs in terms of access and ease of use by a wide range of potential users, including people with disabilities and the visually impaired, and also to recommend improvements, where necessary.

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