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WordPress Support

Let our team of WordPress experts assist you with ongoing maintenance and support tasks.

Electric Studio can help you no matter if you run a simple WordPress site, a large corporate site, or a complex WooCommerce solution.

We can take full ownership of your whole WordPress install and regularly update core WordPress, plugins and your theme to ensure the safety of your website and its users.

WordPress is ever evolving, we’ll make sure your site keeps up

With our Maintenance & Support solution we keep your website secure, up to date, and working a treat. We’re experienced WordPress developers and can help you upgrade WordPress whenever any major or security patches are released, and apply patches to the custom theme to make sure the website maintains all the functions and keeps working for you.

Included is:

  • Onboarding of website to our servers
  • A version controlled and secure staging site
  • Hands-on WordPress updates and testing
  • Theme, and plugin upgrades as needed
  • Security patching at root level
  • Automated remote backups, and manual restores if needed

Support packages

For ongoing support like making changes to the website, SEO, adding or changing content, and other general items not covered by the maintenance, we recommend one of our support packages. The key difference between ad-hoc support and one of our support packages is that ad-hoc support is charged for in full hours, and our support packages are deducted in real time, so if we only spend 5 minutes we only deduct 5 minutes from your pre-bought time.

Our support contracts can be fully tailored to your needs, contact us for a custom proposal.

Ongoing Maintenance

Our maintenance service is a complete solution where we take over the hosting and maintenance of your website. We’ll keep the software up to date, manually update the theme, update plugins, and do manual and automated testing.

Benefits of ongoing maintenance

Our experienced team will ensure that your web design stands out, is functional and delivers meaningful results for your business.

Security scanning

Proactive maintenance

Manual updates

Compatibility testing

Uptime monitoring

Bug fixes

Hacking recovery

Malware removal

Pagespeed improvements

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