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We’re a recognised and experienced WooCommerce agency developing engaging and successful Ecommerce B2B and B2C solutions. We make your website a success by listening to your customers, their needs and working out what drives them when purchasing.

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Absolute Antibody WooCommerce Web Development

I have worked with Electric Studio for a number of years and I have found them to be an excellent web agency. They were instrumental in a hugely complex WordPress website redesign and I found them to be adaptable, reliable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend them.

Rob Fielding, AC-ET Digital Marketing

Business benefits with WooCommerce Ecommerce

Whether you need a simple way to sell a single product, or a complex Ecommerce website to sell thousands of products, we can design and develop a solution that is just right for you, and that your target users will want to engage with.

Our simple process starts with us sitting down with you to understand your business, looking at your users, and what your Ecommerce website needs to be able to deliver and to whom.

We have designed and delivered WooCommerce solutions that:

  • Integrate with warehousing and hosted CRM solutions for stock, customer and order management
  • Sell products to multiple countries using a variety of currencies, shipping and tax calculations
  • Integrate Elasticsearch to extend search and facet filtering capabilities, and to add spelling correction capabilities
  • Connect WooCommerce with other sales channels using Channel Advisor
  • Have multiple store fronts and store managers

API integrations

Optimised Checkouts

Improved SEO

Higher Conversion Rates


Sell Anything

Customer Area

Mobile Friendly

Secure Payments

ECHO Tools Ecommerce Website Design

The professionalism from everyone has been superb – it is such a refreshing change from what we are used to!

Jef, Marketing Manager, Ariens/ECHO Tools

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free, open-source Ecommerce plugin for WordPress. It adds Ecommerce functionality to your WordPress website so you can have an online store and start selling both physical and digital products very easily.

It comes with advanced functions out of to box for shipping and currency options, comes with a wide selection of payment gateway options, and GeoIP based TAX calculations.

WooCommerce comes with a REST API allowing us to integrate your Ecommerce website with third party solutions like a CRM, WMS, POS, payment and shipping gateways and more.

As WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, it benefits from world leading SEO capabilities. Electric Studio also built site with the technical SEO in mind, as well as making sure your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate.

License free

WooCommerce plugs into the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress, giving you an easy way to manage your entire site all in one place, all without having to pay any license fees. Some plugins do come with a one off or ongoing license fee.

From 1 to 1000’s of SKU’s

Whether you’re selling hand crafted one off pieces, or thousands of mainstream products, Woocommerce is so flexible that it can handle any Ecommerce requirement.

Completely Customisable

WooCommerce can, just like WordPress, be fully customised to work perfectly with what you sell, your branding, and your customers unique needs.

Lightweight and lightning fast

WooCommerce can be built to load fast and handle loads of concurrent users, from all over the world.


If you’re just starting out, Woocommerce is a great solution. If you run a massive Ecommerce operation, it’s still a great solution. Woocommerce scales and grows with your business.

Flexible Development

Woocommerce is great out of the box, but it also lets WooCommerce developers like us to optimise, integrate and customise it to work anyway you want.

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