What is User Experience Design?

UX is the experience that a user has while interacting with your product, UX Design is the process by which we determine what that experience will be.

User experience design is an approach to design that encompasses all aspects of a product or service, within the context of the User. It is the shared responsibility of our designers, content strategists, information architects, user researchers, engineers & product managers to create an experience that is not only easy to use, but enjoyable as well.

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I’ve worked with Patrik and his team since 2014 and they’re great. Very attentive, personal and they really care about doing a good job. I’ve worked with countless ‘web-agencies’ over the years and these guys are a cut above.

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Business Benefits of User Experience

There are two key benefits to business for designing with the user experience in mind.

The first is an increase in revenue. If your website is usable, people can find the product they’re looking for. Therefore they’re able to add this to their basket and purchase the product. This is a simple analogy (and can be applied to promoting services, media etc) however so much of user experience design can be attributed to simplification.

The second way a focus on User Experience helps you is in reducing your costs. One reason for this is by only focusing on functions and features users really want, you save on development costs. Another is that by creating a clear and usable hierarchy of information, you’re able to cut time on unnecessary support tasks.

Improved effectiveness achieving goals

Better accuracy & completeness of goals

Increase customer satisfaction

How we can help with UX

Our aim is to help you understand your users and their goals.

User Experience Research

Once we’re engaged to start work on the project, we start laying the foundations by building understanding what the context of use for the product will be; who are your users? Where will the product be used? What critical paths through the user journey can we envisage?

Gathered user data can then be interpreted and presented in deliverable form as personas. Moreover, real user needs can be identified and met; validating our own vision for the product or even allowing us to sidestep costly features that your users don’t want or need.

Creating the User Experience

Once the User Research has been completed, key performance indicators can be set. We then undertake an iterative process of developing the information architecture, designing user interactions and evaluating usability through rapid prototypes, visual design & proof of concept builds.

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