How can a Digital Strategy help you succeed online?

The digital world is incredibly fast moving, but our insatiable appetite for all things digital means we are primed and ready to guide and advise you to ensure your digital strategy goals are aligned to your business goals. We will explore the technical options for your website or web app, including any integrations with other systems and APIs, as well as Ecommerce requirements and its current and future marketing functions.

A digital strategy will not only define the content, structure and technical specifications of your site, alongside its timeframes and budget, but also its ongoing performance related requirements, such as website performance analysis and search engine optimisation strategy.

Rapid Prototyping & Digital Strategy

The professionalism from everyone has been superb – it is such a refreshing change from what we are used to!

Jef, Ariens

Digital Discovery

The first step is a fact finding mission to understand your business, brand, digital objectives and your customers.

Even if you’ve got an existing website, we always like to start with a blank page. We’ll take into account any branding and design guidelines that you stipulate, but we like to start from scratch when it comes to understanding what your business does and who your customers are. That’s because we want to come at this with a fresh perspective and lots of new ideas. After all, that’s why you’ve come to us, isn’t it?

As part of the Discover phase we’ll ask you questions about why you need a website, where your audience will be coming from and what they’ll be looking for.  The more time we spend here, the more we can get under the skin of your business and your customers – and that’s key to creating a website that you and your customers love and that performs brilliantly!

1. Initial chat

This is where we get to know your business goals and achievements, your users, discovering what you have done to date, and what have been successful and what you’d like to improve on.

2. Review

Using information we’ll find in your analytics solution, we will take a look at the way your website works and how much it has contributed to the success of your business to date, and where there’s space to enhance areas that seemingly haven’t worked so well.

3. Competitors

We’re not saying you should copy what your competitors are doing, but it’s essential to recognise what your market looks like. But at the end of the day you’ll win by offering your customers what they want and more.

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