Custom WooCommerce and API bridge for Absolute Antibody

Founded in Oxford 2012, Absolute Antibody are specialists in antibody sequencing, engineering and recombinant manufacturing, providing pharmas globally.

Absolute Antibody WooCommerce and Laravel API Sync

The Challenge

Struggling with a legacy system based on WooCommerce, and being increasingly dependant on third party systems to sync products from an in-house database, Absolute Antibody challenged us to completely reinvent the website and product sync.

The Solution

WooCommerce forms the foundation for this integrated solution. We had to heavily customise WooCommerce to work with the unique product structure, making use of grouped products and variable products to form a three-tier product structure.

The new site includes:-

  • Responsive Web Design and Custom WordPress theme
  • Elasticsearch integration indexing all product data for better search and faster load times
  • Social media integration
  • API bridge sync tool developed on Laravel

The new site, and API sync, is proving that WooCommerce can be used for complex, non standard products, and be connected to existing product inventories for easier data handling.

Absolute Antibody WooCommerce website design

Absolute Antibody WooCommerce and Laravel API Sync

I’ve worked with Electric Studio for just short of three years now and they have been fantastic. They helped us update our website and created a multi-level sync with various SQL data bases for us. They spent a great deal of time working on understanding our data and the rather complicated structure – which made it possible to create a great product and continues to help with quickly identifying where problems come from as they arise. ES are super responsive (essential when you are trading from your website) but were equally patient with us as we were evolving our requirements. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their website to the next level and have someone trustworthy manage it.

Dr. Michael Fiebig, Business Development Director, Absolute Antibody

Absolute Antibody WooCommerce and Laravel API Sync

Custom Laravel API sync for 50,000 SKU’s

We custom built a Laravel-powered sync tool, pulling the existing product data for 50,000 products from SQL Server via a hosted API and pushing this data into WordPress via the WooCommerce API. It was important to improve on the speed of the previous sync tool, and a full sync was reduced from 8-12 hours to half the time at 4-6 hours. More importantly, we are now able to do an incremental sync that only synchronises the updated product details. This means that the data can be synced multiple times a day, keeping the website up to date.

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