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WordPress Development

We create, design and develop custom WordPress solutions

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WordPress Development

We’re a leading WordPress development agency

Our UK based team of experienced designers, user experience experts, and front and back-end developers, know how to design and develop beautiful WordPress websites. We’ll manage your project in-house maintaining full control of the website development process.

Our custom WordPress development process includes all the critical steps, from research, planning, design, and development, through to user acceptance testing and a comprehensive go-live checklists.

About WordPress

WordPress is a open-source CMS (Content Management System), and the platform of choice for over 30% of all sites across the web. WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL and started off as a blogging platform from which is has evolved into a powerful and flexible tool to build amazing websites on.

It comes with core functions out of to box for content management, e.g. adding and editing pages and posts. These posts types can be extended or added to, giving you the flexibility to build anything from a simple blog, a company brochure website, to a complex integrated multisite showing regional content across the globe.

Wandering Feast Responsive Web Design

How we can help with WordPress

Whether you need a simple way to blog, a company brochure, or a multilingual website to reach your target audience in their own language, we can design and develop a website that is just right for you, and that your target users will want to engage with.

We use a very simple process to ensure a smooth project, and it all starts with us sitting down with you to understand your business, looking at your users, and what your website needs to be able to deliver and to whom.

We have designed and delivered WordPress websites that:

  • Integrate with back office CRM’s to manage content, user data, and third party channels
  • Works alongside custom web applications and Elasticsearch for a seamless user experience
  • Multilingual sites with a truly global reach
  • Showcase custom content like multilevel product catalogues with complex search and filtering options
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of daily visitors
  • Develop custom WordPress plugins to cater for your unique needs
  • Have multiple user levels and website contributors
  • Fully managed WordPress Web Hosting

If you’d like to talk about how WordPress and Electric Studio can help your business, give us a call on 01235 436262.

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