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WooCommerce Development

We design and develop WooCommerce eCommerce solutions that are engaging, integrated, fast and secure.

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WooCommerce development

eCommerce that converts

We create engaging successful eCommerce websites not just by designing a beautiful experience, but by listening to your customers, their needs and working out what drives them when purchasing.

Your website must be easy to use, have a search that works, and removes any pain points from the shopping experience. Equally important are emotional triggers, social proof, reviews, and feeling secure about throughout the shopping experience.

Electric Studio have years of experience delivering successful, engaging eCommerce solutions, predominantly using WooCommerce, and can help you from the early planning stages, through design, development, integrations and your growth.

We’re eCommerce specialists

Whether you need a simple way to sell a single product, or a complex eCommerce website to sell thousands of products, we can design and develop a solution that is just right for you, and that your target users will want to engage with.

Our simple process starts with us sitting down with you to understand your business, looking at your users, and what your eCommerce website needs to be able to deliver and to whom.

We have designed and delivered WooCommerce solutions that:

  • Integrate with warehousing and hosted CRM solutions for stock, customer and order management
  • Sell products to multiple countries using a variety of currencies, shipping and tax calculations
  • Integrate Elasticsearch to extend search and facet filtering capabilities, and to add spelling correction capabilities
  • Connect WooCommerce with other sales channels using Channel Advisor
  • Have multiple store fronts and store managers

Got a Ecommerce project in mind?

If you’d like to talk about how WooCommerce and Electric Studio can help your business thrive online, give us a call on 01235 436262.

About WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a free, open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It adds eCommerce functionality to your WordPress website so you can have an online store and start selling both physical and digital products very easily.

It comes with advanced functions out of to box for shipping and currency options, and GeoIP based TAX calculations. And it can take advantage of the WooCommerce REST API to integrate with third party solutions, including warehousing, POS, payment and shipping gateways and more.

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