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Wireframing & Rapid Prototyping

Plan, test, and iterate your digital solution before developing it
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Wireframe your project to success

With wireframes, you can quickly create a blueprint for your website, eCommerce solution or web application, and use as a proof of concept or as a way to demonstrate and test functionality, and validate the user experience.  Wireframes are a very cost efficient way to test ideas, document the user experience and user journey, and explain to a developer what is needed in terms of data fields and actions.

Rapid Prototyping

With rapid prototyping, we’ll bring your wireframes to life in order to further test options and usability, and iterate on the user experience until it’s perfect.

How we can help with Wireframing and Prototyping

If you’re thinking about developing a web software solution, or a complex website, we can reduce the risk by designing wireframes, and create an interactive rapid prototype, to test your solution before you invest a large amount of money developing it.

Our process is simple and straight forward, and it all starts with us sitting down with you to understand your business, looking at your users, and what your solution needs to be able to deliver and to whom.

We have designed and created wireframes and prototypes to:

  • Testa a new restaurant menu system allowing customer to show items based on allergens or dietary needs
  • Feature packed financial platforms with multiple user types
  • High visibility blogs with a significant flow of content
  • Integrated eCommerce solutions using a customised purchasing flow

If you’d like to talk about Wireframing or Rapid Prototyping, and how Electric Studio can help your business, give us a call on 01235 436262.

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