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Web Application

Bespoke Web Applications designed to help your business save time and money

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Web App Development

We add value to your custom web apps

With years of experience developing bespoke web software and integrated web applications, we deliver easy to use, accessible, scalable and secure software solutions designed specifically to help your business. Our web apps are integrated with your CRM, social network, payment gateway or other third party solution for a seamless flow of information, all with an easy to use user interface.

WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel, Elasticsearch

We predominantly use Laravel, the most popular PHP web framework on the web, to build custom web apps designed around your unique user needs. We also integrate Elasticsearch when there’s a need for enterprise level access to large quantities of data.

How we can help with web applications

A web app can be used by your staff only, or as a customer portal, or a mix of both with a wide variety of user right levels.

There’s a lot of wondrous things a well designed, custom web app can do for your business.

  • Manage all data in one place minimising duplication
  • Connecting your invoicing systems with your ERP for customer tranparency
  • Allow your customers to access their orders, data, invoices, or whatever else they need access to
  • Connect platforms using a API for a seamless flow data
  • Pull in third party data to your web app for a single data store approach
  • Sync data to third party platforms or retail channels
  • Save time and money
  • Monitor all images of pugs on social media (don’t ask…)

If you’d like to talk about how a custom web application and Electric Studio can help your business, give us a call on 01235 436262.

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