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The best user experience for all users with responsive web design
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We’re responsive web designers

With more than half of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, responsive web design should be a top priority for any business.

Our expert responsive web designers can design a single website that’s optimised to perform on all devices, reducing costs, increase conversions, as well as improve search engine rankings. We’ll improve engagement and conversions with a well designed, eye-catching and optimised user experience, no matter what device, browser or connections speeds your users are using.

Why should your website be responsive?

Responsive web design is optimised to the user’s behaviour, screen size, platform and orientation, giving your users the best possible impression of your site.

  • The biggest increase in online sales comes from mobile users, and this is ever rising
  • Mobile and tablet traffic overtook desktop in 2015
  • Little or no extra workload when adding content
  • According to Google, 48% of users said that if a sites didn’t work well on their mobile or tablet, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business

Our responsive design process

We draw on years of combined experience with to:

  • Understand your needs and document on the user journey and goals
  • Create the site’s structure and outline the various content types
  • Create interactive wireframes for key pages
  • Design the site that will help you achieve your goals

Electric Studio designs mobile friendly websites

  • We’ve been doing mobile friendly websites since 2011, we know our stuff
  • We design custom themes that show off your content in the best light on all modern mobile devices and browsers
  • We use our own in-house boilerplate to build mobile and tablet friendly websites
  • We know what works on all major devices and browsers, and how to best optimise the user experience for mobile and tablet users