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Platform Migration

We'll migrate your website to WordPress
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Migrate to a better platform

We can help you migrating your existing website or eCommerce solution to WordPress. We’ll give you more control over content, future proof it technically, improve your SEO, and save money long term.

We migrate Drupal, Joomla and other CMS solutions, as well as static HTML websites, to the world most popular CMS, WordPress.

If you’re on Magento, Shopify, OSCommerce, or any other e-Commerce solution, we’ll help you migrate to WooCommerce.

Benefits of a platform migration


  • Lower ongoing costs – WooCommerce and WordPress have generally lower ongoing costs due to the amount of service providers available
  • Access to more qualified developers –  With WooCommerce and WordPress being the most popular platforms in the world, there is an abundance of resources available
  • More integrations options – Almost all major sales channels, payment gateways, CRM’s, POS providers and Social Channels integrate with WordPress and WooCommerce
  • More shipping options – WooCommerce integrates with a multiple of shipping providers
  • More promotion and discount features – Vouchers, social incentives, bulk discounts, bundle deals and loyalty points, WooCommerce can do it all
  • Faster and better search and filtering – with Elasticserach, not only does your site load faster, the search and facet filtering becomes enterprise level
  • Better for SEO – WooCommerce is renowned in SEO circles for its amazing SEO capabilities
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