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Custom API Integration

Making systems talk
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Connect all your systems seamlessly

With all cloud solutions on offer today, many companies store data in multiple places and struggle to keep it all in sync. By developing a custom API integration, or bridge, we can connect all your cloud based data allowing you to manage it all one place.

Examples of a custom API integration can be as simple as to push all contact form entries from your website into a CRM like Salesforce or ZOHO, or as complex as connecting all sales channels and warehousing solution to one global data store CRM solution.

Our experienced team thrive with complex API integrations, and our process ensure a smooth and efficient project lifecycle.

What type of bespoke API integrations can we do?

In theory anything as long as there’s an available endpoint, but here’s a few we’ve done before.

  • Connecting Salesforce, Stripe, Mailchimp and WordPress for a seamless membership solution
  • Syncing Microsoft Dynamics and WooCommerce to keep customer and stock inventories up to date
  • Indexing available products from an internal, custom CRM, into Elasticsearch for complex online search and filtering of the same
  • Integrating Intercom and several news feeds into a custom Laravel web software solution
  • Showing availability in a calendar format on a website, and syncing back online bookings
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