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We’re a full service digital agency and together with our amazing clients we challenge assumptions, innovate, iterate, and push boundaries to deliver beautifully designed, engaging, scalable web solutions.

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WordPress Development


Whilst every website is very different, our process for getting you from start to finish is a tried and tested approach that we’ve developed and refined over many years. It’s broken down into the following five key phases. Together we can do anything.


The first step is a fact finding mission to understand your business, brand, digital objectives and your customers.

Even if you’ve got an existing website, we always like to start with a blank page. We’ll take into account any branding and design guidelines that you stipulate, but we like to start from scratch when it comes to understanding what your business does and who your customers are. That’s because we want to come at this with a fresh perspective and lots of new ideas. After all, that’s why you’ve come to us, isn’t it?

As part of the Discover phase we’ll ask you questions about why you need a website, where your audience will be coming from and what they’ll be looking for.  The more time we spend here, the more we can get under the skin of your business and your customers – and that’s key to creating a website that you and your customers love and that performs brilliantly!


The next step is to identify what information and functionality your website requires and to produce an outline structure and plan.

This is the part that we get really excited about because it’s where we get to problem solve. During the strategy phase we’ll identify what information and functionality needs to be included in your website and how best to present it. There are likely to be a myriad of options and our job is to identify the best digital solutions for you and your users. Don’t worry, you’re in very safe hands. We’ve done this a million times before.

At the end of this phase, which is an iterative process that you’ll be involved in, we will have produced ‘the grand plan’. In other words, the structure of your new website, which you might also hear referred to as the ‘wireframe’. From this frame will hang all the pages and an idea of the content for each page, as well as an understanding of how the pages will link, plus any additional functionality that the website requires, such as integrations with your CMS or eCommerce systems, or any APIs.

  • Digital Strategy & Discovery
  • User Journey Mapping
  • Wireframes & Prototypes
  • IA & UX strategy


We then custom design your website based on everything we’ve learned about your business and its customers, combined with everything we know about optimising the user experience.

The Design phase involves taking all the information we’ve gathered about your business, its objectives and its customers, and combine it with our understanding of what works from a user experience, to produce your new website design.

Unlike most WordPress agencies, we don’t use WordPress themes and templates. Our clients value individuality and high-performance and we value clients that want something a little bit special. That’s why we custom design and build all our websites.


During the Deliver phase our developers transform your website design into a working reality and you get to experience it on a test environment.

This is the phase that you are likely to be less excited about, but where most of the work actually takes place. During this phase our ingenious front and back-end developers get to work on building your website using the latest web programming techniques.

Because of our specialist expertise, we usually take on the more complex sites that other, perhaps smaller or less experienced agencies, might shy away from. For that reason, this phase takes the longest. That’s not only because we need to make sure that the website is fully functional and responsive, but also any integrations with internal systems and third party channels, as well as APIs are working properly, not to mention any eCommerce services that are required. Once we’re happy with it, you’ll get a chance to experience it on a testing environment and give us feedback whilst we apply the finishing touches.


Going forward, our secure, fast and reliable hosting and support services will ensure your website is maintained to the highest standard.

We’d love you to choose us to host your new website and we sincerely hope you do, because that way we can keep a really close eye on it. The other reason is because we know our hosting is totally secure and super fast and reliable.

We’re not one of those agencies that swiftly moves on to the next project when your website has gone live. We’re here to support you, your business and your website as it continues to evolve. Our team will always be on hand to assist you should any issues arise or if you want to discuss adding any improvements or new functionality. We’re in this for the long-term – if you’ll have us?

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