Corporate product catalogue custom built on WooCommerce and Elasticsearch

WooCommerce as a product catalogue

Intertronics already had a WooCommerce website, but it wasn’t working, took ages to load and didn’t convert. So despite not needing any e-Commerce capability, we stuck to WooCommerce and just made it work better. Much better.

We introduced Elasticsearch for the site search and filtering across all posts types, and completely overhauled the user experience and web design. The design introduced a left column navigation giving more flexibility and room to grow, and a faster route to the content.


Sticking to what we do best, custom WooCommerce

Using WooCommerce when there there's no e-commerce might seem like overkill, but when the product catalogue was already using it, and there was a need for easy to use functionality, good search, categorisation and facet filtering, it makes perfect sense. It also makes sense sticking to what you know and doing it well rather than reinventing the wheel.