We lowered Buydirect4u's bounce rate from 80% to 25%

A mobile friendly shopping experience

One of the key areas where improvement were needed on the Buydirect4U website,  was on the mobile shopping experience. We wireframed and iterated over a period of time, whilst looking at both proven and cutting edge solutions to improve the UX and conversions for mobile users.

Mobile usage is now right up there with desktop usage, and conversions aren’t far behind.

Drop the mic bounce.

Care to guess when we launched the new site? Sorry, no prices for a correct answer.

Even we were surprised when we saw the result of our hard work, but it just goes to show what you can do with well though out design, good code, and a fast loading website.


Delivering serious conversion improvements through considered designs and functions

The main challenges with a new Buydirect4u e-Commerce site were to improve conversions and minimising the bounce rates, all to get the best from Adwords and organic visitors. We optimised the landing pages, usually products or categories, made them load quickly, and offered clear information and select options in order to very quickly put users at ease.

Buydirect4u WordPress homepage web design
Buydirect4u WooCommerce web development
Buydirect4u WooCommerce development