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15th September 2016 / By

Responsive WordPress website with Stripe integration for Juniper Club

When Juniper Club needed a custom built subscription website, powered by WordPress and Stripe, we were only too happy to help. Juniper Club is a Craft Gin subscription service, unique in that they source Craft Gins directly from smaller, independent distilleries, and ship them out monthly to their subscriber base of Gin lover everywhere. Juniper Club came to […]

5th September 2016 / By

New WordPress website for Minoli Tiles

Oxford Web Design company Electric Studio are very happy to announce the new WordPress website for Minoli.

22nd March 2016 / By

Full Stack Web Developer career opportunity

We’re working on some super exciting and challenging Laravel and WooCommerce projects for a number of clients, and need a experienced full stack developer to come onboard and work with our fun, growing team. Electric Studio have a strong company culture, and work according to our principles and practises to deliver well thought out, gorgeous, easy to […]

17th March 2015 / By

We’re looking for an Experienced UX/UI Designer to join our team

This is an exciting opportunity to join a small but incredible team in a design and new media studio focussed on delivering a first-class end-product for established and growing high-end companies from all over the world using WordPress. We need an individual that’s passionate about design, UX/UI and have a great eye for details, to […]

19th November 2014 / By

Gravity Forms Worldpay plugin

We’re open sourcing the worldpay plugin, which used to be a client project. There are limitations: – not tested with 4.0 – not tested with latest gravity forms – here’s the link to it: To set up, go to Forms -> Settings -> Worldpay. Follow the instructions on the plugin, and once you’re done, tick […]

7th October 2014 / By

Front End Web Developer (JavaScript/HTML/CSS/WordPress)

We’re looking for a driven front-end developer with exceptional JavaScript/HTML/CSS skills to help bring our designs to life. This is an exciting opportunity to join a small but incredible team in a design and new media studio focussed on delivering a first-class end-product for established and growing  high-end companies from all over the world using WordPress and  WooCommerce. […]

5th March 2014 / By

Creating custom WordPress RSS feeds

One of our clients wanted the ability to create custom RSS feeds by themselves based on blog posts and manual selection. We though this was sweet idea, and built a plugin for them to use in house, which they then agreed to open source and share with the WordPress community free of charge. Currently the […]

3rd March 2014 / By

Moving data from Magento to WooCoomerce

One of the projects I’m currently working on is moving a client’s data from their Magento store to a WordPress + WooCommerce store. The reason for the move is that the rest of the website is already WordPress (but is being rebuilt), and their ecommerce needs aren’t as complicated to warrant a Magento store. The […]

16th December 2013 / By

Use oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers to show your latest tweets in a list format with links

oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers is a brilliant plugin to show your latest tweets on your WordPress website. Once installed and setup (you’ll need your OAuth Consumer Key, OAuth Consumer Secret, OAuth Access Token and OAuth Access Secret which can be found on your Twitter dashboard) you need to add a code snippet to your […]

22nd November 2013 / By

Install cPanel on Rackspace cloud server

Setup cloud server, I’d recommend a 1GB Next Generation as a bare minimum, choose Centos 6.2 and make sure you have the right hostname, eg a a fully qualified domain like Take note of the password and IP given, then and add the IP to the required DNS  A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) record. […]