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About Us

Our Oxford based design and development team has 50+ years worth of combined experience working on digital projects, solving complex problems, and implementing custom features. We make the complex simple, and create engaging digital solutions for ambitious companies helping their business goals and increasing their revenue.

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Electric Studio Web Design

The professionalism from everyone has been superb – it is such a refreshing change from what we are used to!

Jef, Ariens

Why you should hire us

  1. We have 50+ years of experience creating digital experiences
  2. Organisations turning over millions rely on us as a integrated partner
  3. We value relationships, and make a real effort to get to know our clients
  4. Our iterative web design process ensures the best outcome
  5. We’re 100% independent meaning we are agile and easy to work with

They were a pleasure to work with and have created a website which has already received a lot of positive feedback. I would have no hesitation in recommending their work.

Rob Fielding, AC-ET website developer

We work with some great clients

Our clients includes Charles Bentley, SHARP, NHS, Oxford University, EUMETSAT, Chancellors Estate Agents, Oxford University Press, Costa, Minoli, Kings College London and EuroFusion amongst others.

Our methodology

We’re not embarrassed to admit that we love the Government Design Principles, and our own methodology is an iteration of the same. Why? Because it makes sense, and works.

  1. Empathy for the user. Identify your user needs. Define who they are, their needs, and remember they don’t always tell the truth.
  2. If it ain’t broke. We probably already created something like this before, so don’t create it again, optimise and reuse.
  3. Never assume, learn. Someone is probably doing this really well already, learn from them, and use data to drive decisions.
  4. Remove pain points. Invest time and effort to make the complex simple, everyone will thank you.
  5. Kill your darlings. Reduce risk by starting small, iterate, test. And if doesn’t work, start over. And when it works, add features, iterate, and test again.
  6. We love all users. Function before form, make it accessible to all.
  7. Users love all devices. User will access your solution using all sorts of devices, with all sorts of pretext, respect that.
  8. Help people do stuff. It’s not a solution if it prevents people from doing something.
  9. Consistency is key. Users like familiarity in language, and design, so keep the approach consistent across channels.
  10. Sharing is caring. Done good? Do even better by sharing it.

Company Culture

We’re brave professionals, work hard, and always try to do better. We’re proud of the work we do, learn from our mistakes, have loads of fun, and love every minute of it.

How we act

  1. Work together, contribute, and take responsibility
  2. Respect other peoples time, and show up when promised
  3. Underpromise, over-deliver. Always deliver
  4. Be constructive and add value
  5. Confidence is good, egos are bad
  6. Do right by the client, and they’ll do right by us

Join us

Think you’d like to work with us? We’re always looking for talented people to join our great team, just send your details, CV, role description and salary expectations to cv@electricstudio.co.uk.

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