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Royal Berkshire Country & Equestrian WooCommerce e-Commerce

by ElectricStudio, May 12th 2017
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Royal Berkshire Country & Equestrian from offer riding clothes and apparel including riding boots, jackets, coats, competition wear and many more products both online and in-store.

Roayl Berkshire WooCommerce Website

They approached us with the need for a integrated e-Commerce solution built to scale, including a POS for their physical store, all powered by WooCommerce.

This sophisticated online store solution, lovingly created by Oxford’s Electric Studio, was custom-built from the ground up, taking advantage of WooCommerce’s famed customisability and pairing it with a classy, boutique design.

Adding some extra functionality under the hood by providing customers with an easy way to track their orders via Woocommerce’s Shipment Tracking extension.

We also integrated Elasticsearch to power the search, categories and facet filter functions, making the website load much faster and work a lot better for the customers. Royal Berkshire’s extensive 600-strong product catalogue is not longer a problem, WooCommerce + Elasticsearch is more than up to the challenge.

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