One of the projects I’m currently working on is platform migrating a client’s data from their Magento store to a WordPress + WooCommerce store. The reason for the move is that the rest of the website is already WordPress (but is being rebuilt), and their ecommerce needs aren’t as complicated to warrant a Magento store.

The easiest solution is to export everything from Magento into a CSV file, and then take that CSV and import it into WooCommerce using the Product CSV Import Suite (paid plugin). This seems to work with one gotcha that I found.

Making sure the categories align

The way the importer expects the CSV to have the categories stored is like this:

Category 1 > Cat 1 Child > Cat 2 Child | Category 2 > Cat2 Child | Category 3

The Magento export file however handles those differently:

All the data about the product, category
missing data, category/child category
missing data, category/child category/grandchild category
missing data, another category
missing data, another category/child of another
all the data about next product, category

You need to basically reformat the entire csv file to suit your needs. You can do it manually, of course. There’s a plugin in the works which we’ll be releasing in the plugin repository.