One of our clients wanted the ability to create custom RSS feeds by themselves based on blog posts and manual selection. We though this was sweet idea, and built a plugin for them to use in house, which they then agreed to open source and share with the WordPress community free of charge.

Currently the plugin is submitted to WordPress, and is awaiting their green light.

How to use

The plugin creates two custom post types. There will be a Post Feeds and Custom Feeds menu on the left. That’s where you manage the feeds. The permalink for the post type is an RSS feed that you can feed into your flavour of RSS reader.

Example scenarios

  • Push selected posts to a RSS driven MailChimp (other newsletter providers are available) campaign
  • Push only selected posts to your RSS driven news feed
  • Create multiple RSS feeds for different target audiences

You can download the file from this link while WordPress goes over the plugin.

Please feel free to comment and leave feedback.