The freebWordPress Download Counter from web design agency Electric Studio plugin allows you to keep count of which files are being downloaded from your site.

Need to keep track of what files are downloaded the most from your WordPress website? This plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress.

Features include:

  • View last 7 days, last 30 days, Top Ten
  • Search for download within a user specified range.
  • Specify which file types to track (i.e. pdf,jpg,etc)
  • Implementation of shortcodes so that download counts can be displayed in WordPress front end. (See the readme.txt for more details)

Potential uses could be:

  • Musicians who want to know how many downloads there are of their free tracks
  • Authors who want to keep track of ebook downloads.
  • Artists who want to know how many people are downloading their images.
  • Programmers who want to know how many people are downloading their source code.

Planned Upcoming features:

  • Flush table option to reset download count.
  • Any other suggestions are very welcome.

This plugin can be downloaded from else can be found in your WordPress Admin Interface by searching for it in the ‘Add Plugins’ sections

Happy Downloading!