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WordPress Flickr Mosaic Plugin

by ElectricStudio, January 12th 2011
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Electric Studio are proud to have released another WordPress Plugin, the Flickr Mosaic.

This new plugin pulls in the latest images from your Flickr RSS feed, and then shows the thumbnails as a mosaic. You can place this function either in the sidebar or anywhere in your template file you wish to show it.

When a thumbnail is clicked, it pulls the large image in from Flickr and shows it on top of your website using a JavaScript FancyBox function.

The size of the thumbnails and the Flickr RSS url can easily be change from WordPress’s Admin Panel.

To install the Electric Studio Flickr Mosaic WordPress plug-in, go to your WordPress administration panel, then ‘Plugins’ and ‘Add new’, search for Electric Studio Flickr Mosaic. You will now see the plug-in displayed, just click ‘Install’ and WordPress will install it for you. You can also download it directly from WordPress.

Once the plug-in is installed, insert the following line into your template where you want the thumbnails to appear.

< ?php if(function_exists('ES_fm_show')) {ES_fm_show();}?>

Your plug-in is now installed!

The Electric Studio Flickr Mosaic admin panel:

Flickr Admin Panel

Zooming in on an image (using ‘FancyBox’):

Flickr Mosaic FancyBox Screenshot

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