Electric Studio are pleased to announce the WordPress plug-in Electric Studio Cross Linking.

The plugin finds every instant of a page title in all other page entries, and creates a link back to that page. An example would be on a website with pages about animals, on a page about dogs it would state that dogs are mammals; the word mammals would get turned into a link that goes to the mammals page.

We developed this plugin was because we needed this functionality on one of our projects, but were unable to find anything suitable in the list of WordPress plugins. We decided to make it into a plugin rather than hard code it so that I could use this again on future sites, and obviously share it with the fantastic WordPress community.

It’s available as a free download from http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/electric-studio-cross-linker/, and the latest version is compatible with WordPress 3.1 and newer. You can also install it straight from your plugin interface (Plugins > Add New), just search for Electric Studio.