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5th March 2014 / By

Creating custom WordPress RSS feeds

One of our clients wanted the ability to create custom RSS feeds by themselves based on blog posts and manual selection. We though this was sweet idea, and built a plugin for them to use in house, which they then agreed to open source and share with the WordPress community free of charge. Currently the […]

3rd March 2014 / By

Moving data from Magento to WooCoomerce

One of the projects I’m currently working on is moving a client’s data from their Magento store to a WordPress + WooCommerce store. The reason for the move is that the rest of the website is already WordPress (but is being rebuilt), and their ecommerce needs aren’t as complicated to warrant a Magento store. The […]

16th December 2013 / By

Use oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers to show your latest tweets in a list format with links

oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers is a brilliant plugin to show your latest tweets on your WordPress website. Once installed and setup (you’ll need your OAuth Consumer Key, OAuth Consumer Secret, OAuth Access Token and OAuth Access Secret which can be found on your Twitter dashboard) you need to add a code snippet to your […]

22nd November 2013 / By

Install cPanel on Rackspace cloud server

Setup cloud server, I’d recommend a 1GB Next Generation as a bare minimum, choose Centos 6.2 and make sure you have the right hostname, eg a a fully qualified domain like Take note of the password and IP given, then and add the IP to the required DNS  A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) record. […]

14th December 2012 / By

We’re hiring a WordPress Front-End Developer – UPDATE – Now filled

UPDATE, this position is now filled. Oxford Web Design company Electric Studio are hiring a local, full-time, seriously talented front-end developer with mad WordPress skills. If you know what “The Loop” and “Responsive” is, we would love to meet you. The Opportunity For those who haven’t a clue on who we are, we are Electric Studio. […]

4th September 2012 / By

How to plan your new website

Your new website is important. It’s potentially business critical, could be the end of you, or the start of your best years in business ever. That’s why you should take time and plan it. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when thinking about starting work on that new, shiny website that will scare the competition […]

30th July 2012 / By

Electric Studio EU Cookie Law Compliance Notice WordPress Plugin

Disclaimer: Electric Studio are not legal experts and these are just our suggestions on the matter which we hope will be useful. It is not intended as legal advice. On May 26th 2011 a new EU originated law came into effect that requires website owners to make site visitors aware of what cookies your website […]

28th May 2012 / By

Front-end Developer Job – UPDATE – Now filled

We’re looking for a driven front-end developer with exceptional XHTML, HTML5, CSS2/3 and javascript skills to help bring our designs to life. This is an exciting opportunity to join a small but incredible team in a design and new media studio focussed on delivering a first-class end-product for established and growing  high-end brands. You’ll get to work […]

3rd November 2011 / By

WordPress Client Login Plugin

The Electric Studio Client Plugin is a WordPress plugin for creating a password protected client area on your website. You can add clients to groups, and give them access to their area only.

21st July 2011 / By

WordPress Download Counter Plugin

The WordPress Download Counter from Electric Studio plugin allows you to keep count of which files are being downloaded from your site. Need to keep track of what files are downloaded the most form your WordPress website? This plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress.